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In addition, she has taught K students, as well as creative writing, publishing, and playwrighting classes to adults.

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Walker was labeled a "gifted child" when she was in kindergarten reading on the second grade level. Walker has a wise "Old Soul. Both poets deem this long-awaited, forthcoming book by Walker to be 'a landmark collection. Are you the author profiled here? Email us your official website or Let us host your primary web presence. Tell us how much you like Jamie Walker. Jamie Walker share.

Likeness of Being by Nathan M. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. In fact, you probably can't even remember specifically "what" you learned in the class, only that you had some sort of awakening. As coauthor Tommie Lindsay points out, a great teacher doesn't merely provide knowledge but rather "takes away the barriers to learning.

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Written by two nationally acclaimed educators, this inspirational collection of real-life lessons takes you past the long hours, low pay, and school politics that come to dominate the job and provides a refreshing reminder of why you entered the profession in the first place: to change lives for the better. Tommie Lindsey and Randall McCutcheon have divided their book into five sections, each focusing on a single "truth" they believe will motivate students and forge them into individuals who want to be engaged in their education and the outside world..

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These five "truths" will aid you in being the model all kids need and deserve--regardless of their background. The authors' ideas, presented in short, easy-to-digest articles, are complemented with first-hand success stories written by former students who defied the odds, including inner-city kids with at-risk backgrounds.. Every student has a purpose in this world, and it's one of life'sgreat gifts to help him or her find it. Practical and insightful, "It Doesn't Take a Genius" arms you with realistic strategies to create students who will go out into the world not only smarter but--more important--motivated, confident, and curious..

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Learn how to become the teacher you always wanted to be and to help your students realize their potential. Each and every student is fertile ground for learning, even those who seem bored, distracted, or even bitter. All they need is care and attention. Whether you are a struggling teacher or frustrated parent, "It Doesn't Take a Genius" helps you foster success in even the most apathetic of students.. The authors, who hold numerous teaching awards, share their secrets of turning kids from all walks of life into successful students who go on to lead fulfilling, productive lives in adulthood.

Accompanying the authors' inspiring ideas are first-hand accounts from their former students describing how they turned their lives around to become successful lawyers, playwrights, professors, and more.. Written with affection and sincerity--and featuring cartoons by acclaimed cartoonist Sidney Harris--"It Doesn't Take a Genius" is a refreshing response to detached behavioral theory, dry teaching manuals, and negative media stories concerning teachers and our education system. It provides the tools you need to help students unlock their enormous potential. Best of all, you'll come away with the very real but often forgotten fact that the desire to build students into curious, caring members of society isn't a pipedream.

It's a calling..

It Doesn't Take A Genius : Five Truths to Inspire Success in Every Student

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It Doesn't Take A Genius (Five Truths to Inspire Success in Every Student)

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